"Always A Step Ahead"
Location Bhratpur-2, Kshetrapur, Chitwan, Nepal

Apex Academy is founded and promoted by a group of qualified professionals & educational entrepreneurs aiming to provie quality education. Apex has a motto “Education is one of the tools to unlock the unlimited potentials and possibilities of human beings” and the college is fully geared to meet this.

Apex Academy has well-deserved reputation for delivering high quality education for making students outstanding so as to keep themselves always a step ahead in their carries. Apex Academy has extraordinary faculties of Apex in the yester years. In addition, the college promotes values in students that guide and inspire them to be principled and insightful leaders of the society.

The whiz-kid production of Apex has shown great potential to penetrate the barrier of diverse national & international educational institutions in different field like Mdical Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Agriculture, Veterinary, Forestry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Chartered Accountancy etc.