"Always A Step Ahead"
Location Bhratpur-2, Kshetrapur, Chitwan, Nepal

To create a peaceful and academic surrounding, the academy has implemented the following rules and regulations strictly.
Students must be in college uniform. Entrance is strictly prohibited without college uniform.
Students must enter into the class room in stipulated time.
There won’t be any leaves by any means during college hour. However, emergency leaves may be granted.
Any types of hats, gogs, fashionable shoes, belts, mufflers, caps, long hair styles (for boys only), ear rings are strictly prohibited in the academy premises.
Students must appear compulsorily in internal examinations conducted by the academy.
The students should obey all the rule and regulation of the academy.
The academy administration retains right to expel those who violate the rule and regulation of the academy. Cell phones, ,iPods, camera, any electronic devices, motorbike or scooty, excessive money are not allowed in the college premises.